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The Eagle has Landed

We've recently brought a little bit of history to life through the restoration of a 150 year old printing press.

The Columbian press, also known as an ‘Eagle Press’ due to the large American Bald Eagle perched on the top of the machine, is now on display at Moulton Printing on Highfield Road after undergoing a £4,000 restoration.

Invented by American George E. Clymer in 1813, the Eagle Press was designed to allow a whole newspaper page to be printed in a single press.

Cassandra Moulton, Director of Moulton Printing, says: “The restoration of our Eagle Press has brought the machine back to life.  It’s uncovered the fascinating symbolic detail woven into the Victorian decoration. It is by far the most lavishly decorated of the old hand presses.”

On the antique press the American eagle perches defiantly with outstretched wings and open beak on the main counterbalance lever.  In its talons, it clutches a thunderbolt, representing war, the olive branch of peace and the cornucopia, or Horn of Plenty, signifying prosperity.  Also included in the ornamentation is the caduceus, the winged staff and intertwined serpents of Hermes, the messenger of the ancient Greek Gods. Taken together all these elements signify the power of the printed word and its role in our civilisation.

The Eagle Press is now on permanent display at Moulton Printing, 132 Highfield Road, Blackpool and available for members of the public to view.