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Beautiful Brochures at Beautiful Prices

Brochure printing is perhaps one of the areas of print that we enjoy working the most. Why?  It’s where clients get creative and we get to show off.

A printed brochure speaks volumes about the product, service or business you’re trying to promote and there are a dazzling array of special printing finishes to help make a statement.

Selecting the Right Paper for Your Printed Brochure

Choosing the right paper for any printed literature is important, but with a brochure, it’s crucial. We would always recommend selecting a thicker stock for the cover of your brochure - 300gsm / 350gsm - to help give it structure and support . You can look through our Guide to Print to find out more about the different types of paper available, but your designer should have an opinion about the stock your brochure is printed on, as it can drastically change the look and feel of the end-product.

Binding your Brochure

Just as important as the stock your brochure is printed on is the binding you choose. Again, your designer may have already specified how they would like the brochure to be bound, if they haven’t, it’s worth asking them.

Perfect binding, although one of the more expensive binding formats, gives brochures a professional and sharp look. Cheaper alternatives include saddle stitching (stapling the publication across the fold) or presenting your pages unbound in a presentation wallet.

Lamination: Give Your Brochure A Longer Life

Adding lamination, whether glossy or matt, not only protects the brochure and helps it last longer, it will also give it a professional, luxury finish. There are may different types of lamination available for literature with a wide range of applications, for example, if you were looking to publish a brochure that will be used within hospitals, we can use an anti-bacterial lamination. You can learn more about lamination in our Guide to Print.

Spot UV and Brochures

A UV varnish can be added to images or text which you want to highlight. The gloss makes the elements stand out on the page, drawing the reader’s attention to the content and giving the brochure a very high-end feel.

Foiling and Brochures

Foiling is a print finish that sees films applied to the page using a mixture of heat and pressure. You can find out more about foiling in our Guide to Print. Often used for metallic finishes, such as gold or silver, foiling can add a bit of sparkle to your brochure, making it really stand out from the crowd.

Spot Colours and your Brochure

Another way of using metallic colours within your brochure is by using a metallic ink. These are spot colours (i.e not found within the CMYK mix) and can be used throughout the brochure to add a bit of a refined finish to your brochure.

There are many other special print finishes you can use to give your brochure the ‘wow’ factor, from die cuts and laser cuts, to embossing and even adding smells to your pages.

If you are looking to print a brochure and would like some advice on the printing finishes that would compliment your literature, do get in touch – we love talking about brochure printing!

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